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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Profiler

"The Profiler" by Pat Brown
ebook     started May 12, 2014  finished May 13, 2014

[My notes verbatim]

-This a bitch. The "author" [pretty sure she has a co-author who did the actual writing part].
pg 67 "prove to me he didn't commit the crime" WTF
Thank God she's not a cop (at least not yet). A self-taught, P.I. She thinks other  profilers are egotistical. The irony. [She goes on and on how those other guys are all a bunch of idiots. But she, Pat Brown, profiler extraordinaire knows all!]

--When she mentioned that the victim's family were friends of the Bush family, I thought for sure she was going to lay blame on Dubya for the police incompetence!

--She brings up a case we've just seen on Forensic Files. Her suspect is not who was eventually caught (the candle guy. DNA didn't match.) I hate this woman. [The Forensic Files episode is called "Smiley Face" and either she never watched the episode or this was written before the case was eventually adjudicated, but she maintains the main suspect is the guilty party even after the DNA eliminated him.]

--She writes that defense atty's don't like her. I can see why. Everyone is guilty and nothing is ever not a crime. She reminds me a little of uber-bitch Nancy Grace. My son asked me why I keep reading it if I hate her so much. I don't know, maybe to see just how awful she is or maybe I'm hopeful she'll redeem herself.

[There is no redeeming Pat Brown. A thoroughly awful person. The more I sat and thought about it, the more I detested and and despised her. This woman has no business billing herself as a professional criminal profiler. She has zero police experience. Zero abnormal psych experience. Not one of the cases she writes about in her book have been solved at the time of publication. (She uses pseudonyms so it's hard to find out otherwise. She also doesn't indicate she's using a pseudonym. Bad form). Her clients eventually get mad at her and want nothing to do with her. Somehow she thinks this is in her favor. That it "proves" her mad profiling skillz. She demands proof of innocence, but then completely dismisses exculpatory evidence. I cannot stress how much I dislike this woman.]