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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Boston Stranglers

"The Boston Stranglers" by Susan Kelly.
paperback      started May 1, 2014  finished: May 4, 2014

[My notes verbatim. Neglected to include page or chapters numbers]
Re-read w/ updates- I remember reading this several years ago- it makes a strong case that Albert DeSalvo was not the Strangler, that there was probably not 1 serial killer especially considering the victim disparity in age and race. I sort of even like Albert even though he's not 100% innocent. Reminds me of [my friend].

The "Green Man" defense makes no sense: Albert is so crazy is committed murders, therefore also crazy during the sexual assaults. WAT? Seems bizarre and counter-intuitive.

Scary easy which [how] Albert broke into homes.

F. Lee Baily is a dick.

Albert: "I wouldn't hurt no broads. I love broads!"

pg 432 Mary Sullivan's mother gave, as a Thank you gift to the priest who performed Last Rites on Mary, a paten-but the priest never acknowledged the gift. I specifically remembered this part, but some how I had associated it with the De Feo murders or Amityville. The 1st copyright is 1995. I must have read it before July, that's when I went to boot camp. I remember my mom saying that Albert was most certainly the killer because, she claimed, they had caught him in the victim's apt. I think she confused him with Richard Speck or another killer [Albert was never charged with the "Strangler" killings]. 

Albert was the same age I am now when he was stabbed to death in prison.

According to the internet, in July 2013, Martha Coakley said DNA evidence in Mary Sullivan's murder matched Albert's. I'm extremely skeptical- they didn't want to do it [DNA testing] in 2002 claiming the evidence was "lost".

[I couldn't help but like Albert DeSalvo a bit. He never came across as violent. He was caught burglarizing a home in order to get Valentine's Day gifts for his wife and daughter. He was utterly devoted to his wife. I supposed it is possible that he was guilty. Being likable isn't proof of innocence]