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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Starvation Heights

"Starvation Heights" by Gregg Olson.
ebook version     start: 27 February, 2014  

My notes, verbatim:

At chapter 5: the sisters [Claire and Dora Williamson] sound a lot like hypochondriac F-tard, and now under the "Dr's" care a sort of anorexia. Hazzard [Dr. Linda Hazzard] is an unbelievable bitch and sadistic. I looked up a photo of her and she just looks mean.

Chapter 11: these people, (the Hazzards) are pure evil-sadistic thieving assholes.

Chapter 37: For some reason, the way she [Linda Hazzard] speaks and whispers "Lies!" reminds me of my grandmother, mean and manipulative. Even though the trial takes place Jan 1912-either my grandma wasn't born yet or possibly as old as 5. [Aside: my grandmother's year of birth is somewhat ambiguous. She always maintained she was born on July 13, 1912 which she claimed was a Friday (it wasn't). My mother's birth-certificate is altered under "Mother's Birthdate". She also threw a huge hissy fit when my mother asked for her birth certificate. The nearest Friday the 13th for July is 1906 (going backward, pretty sure she would fudge upwards)]

Finished: so the "Dr" was found guilty of manslaughter and served 2 years in prison. She died in 1938 or so. I don't know why she reminds me so much of my grandmother. Her manipulativeness? The way she treated her husband? My grandmother never murdered anyone (AFAIK).