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There will be spoilers and also a lot of swearing. I read a lot of true crime and criminals make me mad. Comments in brackets and red are not part of my original, hand written notes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Profiler

"The Profiler" by Pat Brown
ebook     started May 12, 2014  finished May 13, 2014

[My notes verbatim]

-This a bitch. The "author" [pretty sure she has a co-author who did the actual writing part].
pg 67 "prove to me he didn't commit the crime" WTF
Thank God she's not a cop (at least not yet). A self-taught, P.I. She thinks other  profilers are egotistical. The irony. [She goes on and on how those other guys are all a bunch of idiots. But she, Pat Brown, profiler extraordinaire knows all!]

--When she mentioned that the victim's family were friends of the Bush family, I thought for sure she was going to lay blame on Dubya for the police incompetence!

--She brings up a case we've just seen on Forensic Files. Her suspect is not who was eventually caught (the candle guy. DNA didn't match.) I hate this woman. [The Forensic Files episode is called "Smiley Face" and either she never watched the episode or this was written before the case was eventually adjudicated, but she maintains the main suspect is the guilty party even after the DNA eliminated him.]

--She writes that defense atty's don't like her. I can see why. Everyone is guilty and nothing is ever not a crime. She reminds me a little of uber-bitch Nancy Grace. My son asked me why I keep reading it if I hate her so much. I don't know, maybe to see just how awful she is or maybe I'm hopeful she'll redeem herself.

[There is no redeeming Pat Brown. A thoroughly awful person. The more I sat and thought about it, the more I detested and and despised her. This woman has no business billing herself as a professional criminal profiler. She has zero police experience. Zero abnormal psych experience. Not one of the cases she writes about in her book have been solved at the time of publication. (She uses pseudonyms so it's hard to find out otherwise. She also doesn't indicate she's using a pseudonym. Bad form). Her clients eventually get mad at her and want nothing to do with her. Somehow she thinks this is in her favor. That it "proves" her mad profiling skillz. She demands proof of innocence, but then completely dismisses exculpatory evidence. I cannot stress how much I dislike this woman.]

"Killer Clown"

Killer Clown by Terry Sullivan

[My notes verbatim. For some reason I neglected to write down page numbers]
John Wayne Gacy-oh, boy.
-Rob Piest's mom was right there in the store when Gacy lured him away-terrifying!

-not surprised Gacy is a Democrat

-cops are assholes. State's att'y (the author) seems like an asshole too.

-these cops are not only assholes, but idiots, too.

-JWG has 2 kids from his first marriage. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to find out that asshole is your father

-I know this book was written by the State's Attorney but there is not one likable thing about JWG. I felt even a little sorry for Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer). Gacy is just--yech--hard to imagine he got not one but two different women to marry him. He's that vile.

--Any notion or hope that JWG repented or made an Act of Contrition is moot--his last words were "kiss my ass"

[After reading this, I looked up the faces of the victims. It just broke my heart. JWG is the reason the Death Penalty is still a viable option]

The Devil's Rooming House

"The Devil's Rooming House" by M. William Phelps
hardcover   started: May 4, 2014

[For some reason I didn't take many notes. Amy Archer-Gilligan is the classic, scary, old lady. Also, M. William Phelps is one of my favorite true-crime authors. The worse part is how she would send the victims on errands to buy the poison she would use to kill them with. That's some cold-blood right there.]

--acording to I checked this book out in 2010 after my mom died. I have no recollection of reading it at all.
Looking at the photos, I'm starting to remember. I think she (Amy) is addicted to morphine.

pg 72 I'm feeling protective of Franklin Andrews- if she ends up hurting him, I'm going to be super mad.

pg. 119 I hate this fucking bitch. She's worse than "Dr." Hazzard. Poor Mr. Andrews

Heinrich Himmler

"Heinrich Himmler: A Life" by Peter Longerich
ebook version     Resumed March 1, 2014     Finished: March 16, 2014

[I first started reading this book back in December 2013. Then Christmas came around and it got put aside. I recall thinking that young Heinrich sounded like a shy, devout, and more importantly, not-evil young man. His diaries show someone with social anxiety and I can totally relate to that. Not sure when he started to get boring, or if the book was making him seem boring. I did perk up when the author would quote his wife's diary or talk about his mistress, but then it go right back to his organizing and re-organizing offices and bureaucracies and speeches about "decency". This was a hard read for me, either due to the translation or my hypothyroidism brain-fog (or both). I might have to check this out at the library for a re-read, where the notations are more accessible.]

[Notes verbatim]

OK, I picked it back up and trying to skim up to where I left off. I'm pretty sure I got up to at least his marriage but it's written in that heavy, German way and I find things I have no recollection of...then something will look familiar.

--Chapter "Inspector to the Chief of Police": What's interesting to note is that Himmler doesn't seem to have that fanatical devotion to the Führer unlike Hess and Göbbels or even Göring.

"Himmler as Educator": Do I find Himmler so dull because I'm trying to find a reason to like him even though he is so very unlikable? Trying to find something -anything- to admire about this man. Although I was annoyed at the author speculating that HH's "homophobia" was to cover up his own homosexual tendencies. HH most likely simply found the subject abhorrent like most regular people do.

Why am I trying to find something about him to admire? Because he's not even evil or his evilness is so banal it's hard to hate him but still harder to like him.

Finished. Good riddance to the boringest Nazi. Just, I don't even know how to describe it. He was just "a guy" who justified killing women and children by saying it was necessary otherwise the children will grow up and seek vengeance. What an asshole. He can take his "decency" and shove it up his pedantic ass--if there's enough room in there because his head is so far up it. Fuck you, Himmler. Rot in hell.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Boston Stranglers

"The Boston Stranglers" by Susan Kelly.
paperback      started May 1, 2014  finished: May 4, 2014

[My notes verbatim. Neglected to include page or chapters numbers]
Re-read w/ updates- I remember reading this several years ago- it makes a strong case that Albert DeSalvo was not the Strangler, that there was probably not 1 serial killer especially considering the victim disparity in age and race. I sort of even like Albert even though he's not 100% innocent. Reminds me of [my friend].

The "Green Man" defense makes no sense: Albert is so crazy is committed murders, therefore also crazy during the sexual assaults. WAT? Seems bizarre and counter-intuitive.

Scary easy which [how] Albert broke into homes.

F. Lee Baily is a dick.

Albert: "I wouldn't hurt no broads. I love broads!"

pg 432 Mary Sullivan's mother gave, as a Thank you gift to the priest who performed Last Rites on Mary, a paten-but the priest never acknowledged the gift. I specifically remembered this part, but some how I had associated it with the De Feo murders or Amityville. The 1st copyright is 1995. I must have read it before July, that's when I went to boot camp. I remember my mom saying that Albert was most certainly the killer because, she claimed, they had caught him in the victim's apt. I think she confused him with Richard Speck or another killer [Albert was never charged with the "Strangler" killings]. 

Albert was the same age I am now when he was stabbed to death in prison.

According to the internet, in July 2013, Martha Coakley said DNA evidence in Mary Sullivan's murder matched Albert's. I'm extremely skeptical- they didn't want to do it [DNA testing] in 2002 claiming the evidence was "lost".

[I couldn't help but like Albert DeSalvo a bit. He never came across as violent. He was caught burglarizing a home in order to get Valentine's Day gifts for his wife and daughter. He was utterly devoted to his wife. I supposed it is possible that he was guilty. Being likable isn't proof of innocence] 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Starvation Heights

"Starvation Heights" by Gregg Olson.
ebook version     start: 27 February, 2014  

My notes, verbatim:

At chapter 5: the sisters [Claire and Dora Williamson] sound a lot like hypochondriac F-tard, and now under the "Dr's" care a sort of anorexia. Hazzard [Dr. Linda Hazzard] is an unbelievable bitch and sadistic. I looked up a photo of her and she just looks mean.

Chapter 11: these people, (the Hazzards) are pure evil-sadistic thieving assholes.

Chapter 37: For some reason, the way she [Linda Hazzard] speaks and whispers "Lies!" reminds me of my grandmother, mean and manipulative. Even though the trial takes place Jan 1912-either my grandma wasn't born yet or possibly as old as 5. [Aside: my grandmother's year of birth is somewhat ambiguous. She always maintained she was born on July 13, 1912 which she claimed was a Friday (it wasn't). My mother's birth-certificate is altered under "Mother's Birthdate". She also threw a huge hissy fit when my mother asked for her birth certificate. The nearest Friday the 13th for July is 1906 (going backward, pretty sure she would fudge upwards)]

Finished: so the "Dr" was found guilty of manslaughter and served 2 years in prison. She died in 1938 or so. I don't know why she reminds me so much of my grandmother. Her manipulativeness? The way she treated her husband? My grandmother never murdered anyone (AFAIK).